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Nathan Zehringer named Republican Person of the Year



Nathan Zehringer, of Jackson Center, was chosen as the 2016 Person of the Year for his work as chairman of the Trump campaign in Shelby County. Central Committee Chairwoman Julie Ehemann said he was their top choice, due to his diligence to motivate voters to go to the polls last November.

Ehemann said Zehringer was involved in all aspects of the campaign, many times being the lead participant. She said he managed the local party website, arranged large and small gatherings of people, worked at the headquarters and became involved in door-to-door activities.

Zehringer, and his wife, Deborah, attended the Trump inaugural and ceremonies. The couple have five children, but were not in attendance, Thursday, as they were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.

He works as the transportation department manager of Independent Fiber Network.

“Thanks for this recognition. I am honored,” Zehringer said in a letter. “I look forward to continuing and expanding my role in the local party.” (READ MORE)