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Shelby County GOP to Hold Debate Watch Party

Debates are one of the few opportunities voters have to hear candidates offer their views on a wide
range of issues. This can help you examine each candidate and become engaged in the political process
to form your own opinions. Watching a debate with friends, family, and fellow community members is a
chance to share your views with others and can broaden your perspective on the issues.
The Shelby County Republican Party is hosting a presidential debate watch party on Thursday, January
14, 2016. Join us as we watch the latest FOX News Presidential Primetime Debate. The event is open to
the public and will be held at Lev’s Brew Haus (formerly Terry’s Bar) at 111 S. Ohio Street on the
Courthouse Square.  There will be snacks provided and a cash bar. Please come join us for food, drinks,
and open dialogue on current issues.