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Shelby County Fair 2014

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Shelby County Fair 2014

 The Shelby County Republican Party recently finished a successful week at the Shelby County Fair.

Central Committee members and elected officials were on hand all week to distribute candidate’s literature and to discuss issues of the day. Flags were donated and a winner was selected each day. Donors and winners follow:

Sunday Donated by Commissioner Bob Guillozet- Winner was Scott Watson

Monday Donated by Commissioner Tony Bornhorst- Winner was Charity Bodenmiller

Wednesday Donated by Commissioner Julie Ehemann-Winner was Connie Gilfillan

Thursday Donated by Auditor Denny York-Winner was Phil Brown

Friday Donated by Representative Jim Buchy- Winner was Robert Whiles

Saturday Donated by Central Committee Robert Luckey-Winner was Christine Elson

Sunday Donated by Auditor Candidate Amy Berning-Winner was Molly Wemmer

The Party ended the week supporting the Junior Livestock Sale joining with others on the projects of Karly Kies(Grand Champion Meat Pen 2 Broilers), Joshua Madden (Reserve Champion Single Fryer),Megan Argabright (Grand Champion Gilt),Carter Huelskamp (Grand Champion Steer), Rachel Deloye(Reserve Champion Dairy Steer),and Madison Barker(Reserve Champion Steer).