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Mary Taylor Gives Keynote At Lincoln Day Dinner, Feb 3

Mary Taylor Gives Keynote At Lincoln Day Dinner, Feb 3

In her remarks, Ohio State Auditor Mary Taylor said,

"This is a New Day in Ohio and together, John Kasich and I will approach government in a New Way to restore prosperity, to make our state great again, and to make the lives of our citizens better".


Mary Taylor is the product of hard work, determination, personal accountability and a family that has supported her and guided her every step of the way. She grew up in northeast Ohio, attended Springfield Local Schools and, even at a young age, she demonstrated a devotion to her local community. It’s where she has lived her entire life.  

 She enjoys talking about spending her summers as a young girl listening to Cleveland Indians baseball games on the radio and keeping track of player statistics one hit at a time, which even in those days were few and far between. She kept her collection of baseball cards in a convenient Velveeta cheese box, followed the players she admired and developed a keen interest in numbers. It just came naturally. 

Mary excelled in school. She was a great student and she kept herself busy both in and out of the classroom. As a high school cheerleader, she rooted for the Springfield Spartans during basketball games and football games. One night, she caught the eye of a young man seated in the bleachers a few rows up named Don Taylor. The two teenagers began dating, fell in love and were married in their hometown.  
Mary Taylor helped put herself through college at the University of Akron working in the accounting department of the local bank. She developed a bond with a supervisor and mentor, who encouraged her to study accounting and taxation, which is exactly what she did.  
After graduation, Mary landed a job at one of nation’s top accounting firms. Later, her work ethic and perseverance helped propel her to senior manager at a local accounting firm and she quickly made a name for herself in her profession.  
With her career well underway, Mary and her husband Don decided it was time to grow their family and within a few years they had two sons, Joe and Michael. The Taylor’s pride themselves in spending time together, attending community sporting events and catching up at the family dinner table.
Mary has spent the better part of two decades as a wife, mother and certified public accountant. When her local community began experiencing unprecedented growth and development, she got involved, accepted a seat on city council and spoke up for neighboring families and small businesses. It was the foundation of what is turning out to be an impeccable career in public service.  
Mary Taylor took her local experiences to Columbus in 2003 where she served two terms in the state legislature. She is most proud of her work providing tax relief to working families, improving the state’s antiquated tax code and voting against the largest tax increase in Ohio’s history.  
On November 7, 2006, voters made history by electing Mary Taylor the first certified public accountant to serve as Auditor of State and she has provided the type of leadership Ohioans expect from their elected officials. She is making the same decisions in her office that families are making in their homes to reduce spending and become more efficient to help ensure long-term financial stability.
The Columbus Dispatch calls Mary Taylor “intelligent” and “articulate.” Her hometown newspaper says, “After more than two years in office, Taylor’s record as state auditor is virtually spotless with not even a hint of scandal.”Mary Taylor got where she is today because she lives her life much like she governs: by doing the right thing. It’s what she learned from her father growing up and it’s a lesson he never fails to remind her of every time he sees her.