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Commissioners Appoint Lenhart Acting Sheriff

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Commissioners Appoint Lenhart Acting Sheriff

John Lenhart takes oath of office as Acting Sheriff after being appointed by the Shelby County Commissioners on Friday during an emergency session. 

Christopher Gibbs, Executive Committee Chairperson had the following remarks. 

"I'm grateful to the Shelby County Commissioners for taking immediate action to appoint a well qualified Acting Sheriff.  Mr. Lenhart knows the business and I'm confident that he will make Shelby County residents feel both proud and secure.

Now that the Commissioners have acted decisively, The Shelby County Republican Party will meet our obligation under the Ohio Revised Code to appoint a replacement for Dean Kimpel while his cases move through the courts.  Acting under section 305.02 of the code the Party is required to meet no sooner than 5 days and no later than 45 days after the office of Sheriff becomes vacant to make the appointment.  We have scheduled a special meeting for Wednesday October 12th to take up the issue.  I have requested from the Shelby County Prosecutor determination of eligibility for Acting Sheriff Lenhart.  Although it would be inappropriate for me to speculate on the outcome next Wednesday, I can tell you I expect the meeting to be a short one.

I hope the public bears with the process as we all move forward.  The statue that removed Sheriff Kimpel has never been used before and therefore there is no case law to lean or depend on.  It's certainly odd to 'set aside' an elected official's term, appoint an Acting Sheriff, then later make a required political appointment while the former Sheriff is still on the books.  But that's the law as written and we're going to follow it to the letter.  At the end of the day, the security of the County is the top priority and I know Lenhart has that well in hand".