GOP JC Parade




Shelby County Republican Candidates, November 2014


John Kasich, Governor

                                                                                        Mary Taylor, Lt Governor

                                                                                   Mike Dewine, Attorney General

                                                                                           Dave Yost, Auditor of State

                                                                                     Jon Husted, Secretary of State

Josh Mandel, Treasurer of State

Jim Jordan, US House of Representatives

Nino Vitale, Ohio House of Representatives

Jim Buchy, Ohio House of Representatives

Vernon Preston Court of Appeals, 3rd District

Keith A Cheney, State Central Committee
S. Ranae Lentz, State Central Committee

Judi French, Ohio Supreme Court

Sharon Kennedy, Ohio Supreme Court

William R Zimmerman SR, Juvenile and Probate Court

Julie Ehemann, County Commissioner

Amy Berning, Auditor